Thursday, May 30, 2013

Water fast 2013 Day 1

Day 1 of my water fast. 

Bloated belly. I JUST woke up, haven't consumed a thing..... My back aches, body is tight, belly protruding. Ready to figure this thing out!!! :) 

Let the water flow!!! 

Woke up and did a spit test I saw in Dr. Oz this morning. I think it's positive for yeast overgrowth, confirming my suspicion of possible candida overgrowth in my intestines causing the sever bloating. So instructions are to wake up, not eat or drink anythi and spit in a cup of water and wait 15-30 minutes and come back and look at it. 

The spit is suppose to sit on the surface from my understanding. As you see here mine is making these thick strings. That's the yeast. 

Here you can see globs on the bottom too! Eewww, nasty! 

After I did this I drank 24 oz of water and consumed 2 cups of coffee. 

I remembered I had some Dr. Schultze formula #2 in the cupboard, which I bought a couple months ago to clear this up and didn't get to the secon phase because my body wasn't ready. It is now & I believe will help clear out the crud in my intestinal lining. 

I took 5 and have been drinking heaps of water per the instructions, not to mention that's all I'm consuming, minus the two cups of coffee this morning. Interested about learning more about Dr. Schultze products? You can check out the rest of his intestinal line up or other products at

I didn't mind missing lunch and my appetite has been down lately. I drank water :) 

When playing outside with my boys after lunch (it was HOT), Will asked for OJ Popsicles, that was so hard not to have one, it's liquid and sweet and cold, but nope, I want to do this. Water for me! 

I started feeling hungry this aft and tired (which isn't new), so I made some coffee again, 2 cups. 

I was struggling for energy and I've gotta take this a day at a time. I had 5 hard boiled egg whites tonight at dinner.My health to be there for my boys is more important than sticking to a fast. My purpose for this fast too is to reduce my bloat. I don't think 5 hard boiled egg whites are going to ruin me and I'm going to continue to fast and eat when I feel necessary. I guess I'm not fasting anymore but will continue to water fast & eat lightly. I'm going to try and stay away from all sugars, processed especially, but  natural as well. 

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