Monday, May 13, 2013

Juicing Day 1

Today is Day 1. I'm a bit tired this morning. My body aches as it has started to for a couple months now. My lower back, hips, and my guts just feel yucky. Hence why I'm doing this juice fast. I have a headache this morning too. I don't normally get headaches, so this is weird. 

I'm taking this slow and I really want to get in tune with my body, so I'm going to listen to my body as far as how much to juice and when. I would have already made and consumed my Shakeology for breakfast by now and I'm making sure I stay hydrated so I'm getting in 4 cups of water before I have my juice. 

Aaaaaannnd I decided to make up my own recipe for Breakfast. Haha!! I'm not sure what I'm doing or how it'll taste but that kind of makes it fun!!! :) 

1 bunch of romaine lettuce hearts 
1 cups spinach
10 strawberries
2 braburn  apple
1 thumb sized piece of ginger

Note to self: look up nutritional value of ginger & find substitute -- I do not enjoy the taste of ginger! 


1 1/2 cups spinach
1 bunch of romane hearts 
2 Braeburn apples
1/2 of cucumber 

Ben & Will helped this time!!! 

Prepping the ingredients 

Smelling the cucumber :)

Time to juice! 

Hmmm.... Sample anyone? 

Cucumber apple juice taste testers... 

I think he likes it! 

Big brother's turn....

Not approved!

Ben asked if he could have a little bit more. I decided a straw would be easier and he sipped away! 

And had some more!

And a little bit more! 


Not too bad in taste. The cucumber is interesting and fresh. 

I'm certain coffee is a no-no when juice fasting but I had some this afternoon. I feel okay with it. It may not be ideal but I have the rest of my life to juice fast perfectly. I'm learning, having fun, and trying to better myself one good choice at a time.

The more I think about it, the more smoothies may make their way into this journey. We'll see!! 


One package of yoplait strawberry smoothie. Strawberries, yogurt & banana chunks with one added banana. 

So it looks like this is going to be more of a liquid fast than anything. I think the break for my digestion will be awesome and I'd like to do a only juice fast at a later date. Tomorrow is a new day. Looking forward to seeing how I feel. Overall today I was drained. I wasn't once hungry but I think the tiredness and lack of hunger are due to a previous medical issue. Headaches lingered a bit after the coffee this aft, so I don't know if my body was having a caffeine withdrawal this morning or if it was just the juice detox. 

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