Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Keep your mind set

I just wanted to encourage you all today and say no matter what is going on around you to keep your mind set Christ and let all those worries, frustrations, hang ups, chaos, and such fall to the wayside.

There is great power in Jesus and we cannot tap into it if we are distracted and grumpy and focusing on things other than Him. I speak only out of experience, it's not my intent to call anyone out or preach on a soap box. I like this picture because it depicts how I desire to be. Most of the time I'm looking at the lion saying, "Ahhhhhhhhhh, there's a lion, do you see the lion!?!? I see the lion! What do we do? What do we do? What do we dooooooooo?"

Instead these people are looking the other way.

Focusing their attention of the beauty of our Creator.

God will protect them.

God will protect you.

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