Saturday, December 21, 2013

Homeschooling freebies

I have this big heart and desire to homeschool the boys but lack the confidence to know I will be able to teach them all they need to know. I need a schedule to follow with things like this and while there are many curriculums avaiable I hesitate to buy one because I don't want it to be repetitive of what we know or too advanced of where we are and then we'd be out the money. 

So thanks to Pinterest and the internet and many mommies who do have it together such as this blog <a href=""><img src=""></a> I can try to take a small approach to teaxhing and learning. She suggests additional materials which I'd need to buy, so I'm back to square one. Lol. I just want a guide book for me, the teacher and then an all encompassing math, phonics, reading, writing, spelling, art, literature, history, science pre-k/kindergarten cirriculum and struggle to find it. Abeka is one I'm considering but there too, you can pick and choose and I don't want to pick too much sit at the table and focus material for the boys, but I also don't want it to be boring and easy. 

This is where my ADHD just leaves this and goes on to whatever thought pops in my head but then not big gets done. Lol. 

With daddy being gone soon, I want to keep us busy and learning and it's moments like this I wish I had 2 million followers of this blog so I could get some good feedback. It may sound silly but I pray that an experienced home school mom will come along side me and mentor me and help me work through things such as how difficult I'm making the process to pick a cirriculum. Until then I know the boys are always learning and they are loved and that's truly what matters! 

Sunday, December 8, 2013


Is there a purpose for pain? 

Have you ever wondered that for yourself or maybe a friend or family member? Why would God allow this to happen? Why must pain come for His glory to be shown? Why can't we see His power in other ways? If you're hoping for that answer, I cannot give it to you simply because I am not God. But I can tell you that we have a choice how we will respond to the pain.

You may be one if those people who blame others or things. Start to list reasons of why this or that happened. And why is that exactly? Because you need to have an answer? I'm not saying that it's wrong. It's cause and effect, right? But what happens when the cause doesn't equal the effect? What happens when the effect just starts to go haywire and isn't lining up with the cause. Forgive me for going off on a tangent but it's interesting how our minds work to try and reason out why things are they way they are and if we don't have an answer, we start to create possibilities. But what if there is no answer? I'll touch on this again later. 

Another way someone may deal with pain is to draw back, to isolate, to start to say or think, "This is too much for me to bear". They may start lessening their expectations of themselves and ease into a lifeless depression.  There's also anger & rage, alcohol, eating disorders, and drug abuse. The sky is the limit when we seek to get this ugly monster of (be it acute or chronic) pain off our shoulders!!! 

We talked about what if there was no answer earlier and this is an interesting place God has brought me back to. Because so much of our FLESH is drawn to fear. Why am I in pain? How long will I be in pain? Will a doctor ever be able to help me? Will anyone understand what I'm going through? Will I ever feel normal again? Fear wants a reason. Fear needs a reason. Fear wants to know what's next!!! But the truth is fear is false. My fear is false. Your fear is false. Your neighbor's fear is false. Your husband's fear is false. Your mom's fear is false. Your child's fear is false.  When we line the fear up with what the Bible says we know that we can come back to that fear, that pain and look it straight in the eye and say, "I know that God will never leave me nor forsake me. I know that God has plans to prosper me, give me a hope and a future. I know God can easily shine through broken pots. God uses the humble and the meek. God has made me in His image. This too shall pass." Looking at things from the later perspective of God's truth and who HE says we are is a lot more freeing and hopeful than that fear and anxiety driven mindset.

It's not easy. It's not fun, but it's a choice and it's one we have to make EVERY SINGLE DAY! Whether it's rain or shine, I'm going to praise you all day long Lord! Whether this be one night or one year Lord, use me how you will, so that YOU get the glory! See this isn't about you and me. Think of all the people that can relate to this story but don't know the end. They don't know that Jesus saves!!! They don't know that they can physically be in pain but be living in a joyful mindset because if they did, they'd know their treasure lie not in this world! Have faith! 

I feel like I'm getting off on another tangent but it's so real! It doesn't get anymore real than this. There are so many people abusing SOMETHING out there to fill a void and it's an inner PAIN that ONLY God can fill. And no matter if it's mental, emotional, spiritual or physical God wants to be our healer, but we have to ask!!! We have to invite Him! We have to allow Him to get rid of the filth and dirt and let Him change us so that our attitude set on, fixed and constantly gazing in His direction. 

So ugh! What now Becky!? I do feel like I do that...And I'm still in pain. Well then, you know what I would say to you? First, I wish I could hug you, because I'm a huger and I just like to love on people, but second, hang in there! God's got you! He sees you! He's with you and He won't let you go!! He's not forgotten about you like you're yesterday's news. You'll get your answer and until you do, you keep believing that it will be today! God deserves to be praised in the good times and bad. He is holy and mighty and I believe will do a mighty work in you and me, but we must keep believing and confessing and living a righteous life, loving others, even WHILE we hurt!!! 

My heart goes out to you tonight if you are in pain. Please don't just read this and go away. If you need to talk, please send me a note or prayer request and I'd love to come along side you and lift you up! Don't stop believing! 

I have included just a FEW of the many promises of God below! I urge you to
jump head first and take some time to find some verses from the Bible that mean something to you and write them down. Post them on your fridge, bathroom mirror, in your car, on your dresser. Share them with your family or children. Speak life and truth and focus on it!