Saturday, March 30, 2013

Spring Bunnies

In prep for Easter, I had a few craft ideas I wanted to do with the boys. They didn't all get executed & our bunny ended up being a little slower of a project than I anticipated. For now, here's what we've got!

I drew a bunny on a big piece of paper & cut it out & we taped it on the window. We gave it a nice bushy cottontail.

I have a list of real Easter bunnies characteristics. My point in doing this craft was to bring the Americanized Easter version to point back to Christ, so I tried to visually make a craft to go with each 8 numbers you see listed on the white paper & then a relateable Bible verse as well.

I wrote out some random sins on scarlet red paper and we taped them up and talked about them & then covered each one with a piece a paper towel I had previously cut, to resemble Jesus washing our sins away and leaving us white as snow.

We cut out a carrot & radish to sympbolize our need to feed on God's Word everyday.

We cut out special insides to the ears as we are to listen and obey to the instructions of God.

We also gave him a heart w/a verse as well :)

More to come but we had an interruption & will be back at it later this month. I'll be sure to post the other numbers, verses, & lessons!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The importance of prayer

Talking to Will & Ben this morning about prayer, we decided to start prayer pots. We each will have one & write the names of people The Lord lays on our heart to pray for.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Bummer I can't edit! Or can I?

I am blessed by the out pouring of people that have supported me with my blog in just the past 20 minutes of mentioning it to people!! Thank you all SO much! I am all that more eager now to make this be a refreshing, uplifting & personal space for you to visit. I feel privileged to have you as an audience & want to make the most of our time here. I am running into a few problems. I can't find or see my tabs and am unable to do a lot of changes with the iPad because of some of the limitations of it. BUT wait a second? Did I just say I had an iPad? Why yes I did!! And I also am blessed and fortunate to have an iPhone. I am quick to start to make excuses of why this blog can't be better because my laptop doesn't work and allow me to edit this blog more in depth, BUT God has blessed me with SO much more than the man or woman next door and more than a lot of people, I say that not bragging, rather to keep my own selfishness and greed in check. I believe God will bless my husband and I with the money specific for a laptop or even place one in our possession when it's time for us to have one. Until then, I believe in taking good care of what we have been given and when we do well (are responsible, thankful, and bless other people) with that, then and only then will God promote us to greater things. So my original post was going to excuse myself on the lack of content and layout on here, but that would just be an excuse. There are many more things I can learn how to do or possibly tweak the layout of this one so that it works well with the features I am able to use!!! :)

Saturday, March 16, 2013


Will you do me a favor? Will you post a comment below?

What's one word to describe what is going on in your life right now & what that means to you.


Becky :)

Thursday, March 14, 2013


I KNOW my place in this life in to be a daughter of Christ I am just so wrestling wanting to have more of a set purpose right now, something I can grasp, something I can accomplish, something I am interested in and good at, something to call my own, right now it's my blog, but unfortunately, I am my only follower and I understand I don't offer much content, I just have to keep being me and trust The Lord will lead people in His time, for now.... I'm being refined. I long for Your will Lord, not my own.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013


I'm pretty sure I have candida. Through my love of sugar, some NSAIDs I was on a while ago for my foot,  and stressors of life, I have developed unhealthy thinking and unhealthy habits.

I didn't think I was so addicted to sugar & I didn't think switching up my diet would be so difficult but I don't like major change -- no matter what that is in life.

On a side note -- Lately I've been thinking about what I'll do as a career when the boys go to school in a year or so. I'd love to go back to doing massage, but I will need to re-certify and gain state licensure. I am curious about CEDSA & ASYRA. I currently am a beachbody coach and love doing that & hope to continue to help and inspire others as we meet in life or on the computer.

Back to this candida I am assuming I have happens when I have fruit. FRUIT!!! Of all things! I need to learn more & have stayed away from fruit/sugars/gluten for a week or so now & slowly had some sugar yesterday (raisins & prunes). And this aft had a strawberry, banana smoothie & my guts are in PAIN & blllllooooooaaaattttiinnngggg back up again. I want o learn more about this & feel like I am experiencing this now for a reason to trust God & give Him my afternoon stressor/snack time & stop depending upon food or sugar BUT I keep taking it back & fighting it!! I'm not suggesting all candida is this way, but I know I need to learn why I eat what I eat and control my portions better!

I've researched lots of candida diets & see that there are many potions & pills, but I'm trying to cure this on a budget and all though diet and mental positivity!!!

I will not live in fear & I know God has healed me and is restoring me back to full strength and capabilities.