Wednesday, March 13, 2013


I'm pretty sure I have candida. Through my love of sugar, some NSAIDs I was on a while ago for my foot,  and stressors of life, I have developed unhealthy thinking and unhealthy habits.

I didn't think I was so addicted to sugar & I didn't think switching up my diet would be so difficult but I don't like major change -- no matter what that is in life.

On a side note -- Lately I've been thinking about what I'll do as a career when the boys go to school in a year or so. I'd love to go back to doing massage, but I will need to re-certify and gain state licensure. I am curious about CEDSA & ASYRA. I currently am a beachbody coach and love doing that & hope to continue to help and inspire others as we meet in life or on the computer.

Back to this candida I am assuming I have happens when I have fruit. FRUIT!!! Of all things! I need to learn more & have stayed away from fruit/sugars/gluten for a week or so now & slowly had some sugar yesterday (raisins & prunes). And this aft had a strawberry, banana smoothie & my guts are in PAIN & blllllooooooaaaattttiinnngggg back up again. I want o learn more about this & feel like I am experiencing this now for a reason to trust God & give Him my afternoon stressor/snack time & stop depending upon food or sugar BUT I keep taking it back & fighting it!! I'm not suggesting all candida is this way, but I know I need to learn why I eat what I eat and control my portions better!

I've researched lots of candida diets & see that there are many potions & pills, but I'm trying to cure this on a budget and all though diet and mental positivity!!!

I will not live in fear & I know God has healed me and is restoring me back to full strength and capabilities.

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