Wednesday, May 1, 2013


I contacted the good folks over at Team Beachbody corporate tonight to see if they'd sponsor me to do a 30 day all Shakeology cleanse. I had another painful night with my belly bloat :( I thought it was just sugar. I haven't had a lot of sugar recently and am particularly mindful when I do have it and I plan it out, so as not to have any flair ups. I feel so lost in my own body and it's frustrating. In addition to this painful occasional, mysterious bloat, severe fatigue some days, no period since Feb 2011, acne, I'm starting to gain weight, constipation, and more. Years ago the doctors labeled me with PCOS and IBS. My blood is all good for thyroid, and hormone levels, so no help from western medicine -- which is frustrating but I've kind of accepted that. If anything it makes me really rely on God, He is after all The Great Physician! :)

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  1. No answer back yet....still waiting....after a few days of crunching numbers & debating if I am really committed, I decided to start my own journey. I'll make it up as I go, I have a general idea of what I'll do, at the same time, I'm not being strict because should I need to change it, I want to be able to do so!!!