Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Bloat be gone!

A gal suggested I try water fasting to give my body a break and give it a chance to clean out things on it's own. While I'd like I say I'm excited about this because the idea of having my flat abs back would be nice, I'm not!!! I like food, I like juicing, I like to eat. I have heard of 3 day fasts, 7 day fasts, 21 day fasts and 40 day fasts most commonly, but I'm not looking forward to any of the above much less a one day fast. Did I mention I'm not looking forward to this? Seriously though, I'm positive about this and know that fasting can be beneficial. I don't care about weight loss at this point; although, I know I have gained weight recently as a lot of my clothes aren't fitting. But my body right now is mystery (according to my gp & endocrinologist). I contacted Beachbody about a month ago to see if they'd want to sponsor me to do a 30 day Shakeology cleanse. I got the generic automated email saying they'd respond within 24-72hrs and heard within that time frame that my question was being passed up higher in the corporation. But, no word from them. I figured they wouldn't buy into it anyways, probably too much legal liability. I understand. That led me to trying my juicing experiments the last couple weeks which have been great and I feel have helped a little but I STILL surprisingly enough have this bloating going on!!! 

One thing I'm allowing besides water is coffee. Hahaha there's probably reasons I shouldn't have it, but it's the one thing that will get me through the day with some pep in my step and I need all the pep I can get with my very active boys. So besides coffee, a little almond milk, and coffee syrup, and potentially creamer as I know I don't have enough coffee syrup to last me till grocery shopping on Sunday, that's what I plan to do. Most of the lovely fresh fruit and veggies I have for juicing will go towards snacks for the boys or will be frozen I use in future meals/recipes.

I'm in prep mode and I like having a plan!!  
I'm not sure how long I'll do this. I'm thinking anywhere from a day to a few days and I'll assess then. 

I don't recommend this if you're having random bloating because there can be many causes and while I believe something from my diet could be a contributor, I also don't leave out the possibility of it having nothing to do with my diet and it could be all my body that's going to do what it wants regardless of what I eat. I am simply sharing my life and my experience with you. This is not a post suggesting it for anyone. Some people have the potential to pass out or suffer more from not knowing what they are doing when fasting or medications being taken. So please advise a doctor, naturopath, dietician, or read up on fasting. I suggest Joel Fuhrman as a place to start reading and learning about  fasting and eating for health. 

Here's a photo of me two days ago. I like it all but the gut. I'm not even going to take my weight because as I mentioned before I don't care about weight. When I was at my healthiest this past December I didn't care about weight then and even though I'm 20lbs more now, I don't care about weight. I go by how my clothes fit. 

This is semi-embarrassing to put out there to the world but at the same time if you came I my front door this is how I'd look! I eat clean, exercise and sleep well. This doesn't add up. 

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