Monday, June 3, 2013


I have been battling a few different things from personal issues to issues with others and I keep trying to fix things myself or I'll give it it God most times but then take it back (usually at the end of the day when my will to fight myself is weakest). I then go find some source of outside release and not give it to God as I know I need to in order to overcome this test of struggling and wrestling with myself. 

Rising health problems that won't relent leave me feeling frustrated and completely out of touch with my body. Desipite working out and eating healthy I'm gaining weight, my bloating has continued, and I have pelvic pain. Doctors are all baffled by my lab reports and symptoms and can't explain them. That leaves me feeling really out of control. I am thankful to have this blog to let my feelings out into cyber space. I have to think someone, somewhere is or has gone through the same thing. 

I feel trapped inside my body & I don't know how to make it work anymore.

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