Friday, September 20, 2013


Big brother stepped on toy. Ouch! That hurts! If you're a parent, I'm sure you've been there! Some of those toys have sharp angles/edges. As my dad would always say whenever we had an owie like this, "Darnit toy!!! (or whatever the object is), Dooooonnnnnnnn'tttt do that!!!". I think he did/said that so the focus would then be on that toy/object and not the owie. 

Dr. Mama to the rescue! While it's not a major injury and it's going a little beyond on my part to wrap it, it's fun to play pretend and give him lots of love and attention. I'm blessed to be able to stay at home right now and take care of these minor owies. My degree as Dr. Mom  comes from the best training in the world, the Bible. It has a prescription for everything; from headaches & heartaches, and simple owies on the foot, it's my go to mommy (woman, friend, wife, parent, disciple) guide!  

I took full advantage of the owie and saw the  many practical lessons in this! As a mom, I get so excited over these natural teachable moments when they happen!!! You can't plan this kind of learning & that's what makes it so special. 

1) When we don't pick up our toys after we're done playing with them we may accidentally step on them and hurt ourselves.

2) Mommy & Daddy loves you and will always be here to help you if you have an owie. 

3) God is our ultimate healer and we can come to Him anytime and bring our requests to him no matter if it's a hurt foot or help changing our attitude or help with a decision, the examples there could go on and on!  

4) When someone is hurt it's nice to stop what you're doing and go over and ask them if they are okay and if they need help. (While this may seem obviously, if I said this at any point in our day it wouldn't stick as much as I believe it will now as I lead by example and stop what I'm doing to purposefully take care of him and love on him and share this tender moment with him.) 

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