Friday, August 23, 2013

Mom after God's Own Heart

As parents we are blessed as well as challenged as we are entrusted with this precious gift of life. 

There are many seasons. There's that lovely stage when a child is first born and where we lack sleep and everything is new and as we start to get into a routine and learn the cues from our baby they start moving and rolling and crawling and walking and new challenges arise. 

One thing I'm learning as a mom is the changes and challenges continue, they just change as the child gets older & can understand more. 

It's my hope and prayer that I can teach them and do my best to lead by example. I know as I desire to do this I must be in prayer everyday and as challenges arise lean on the Spirit to guide me in that moment. 

How have you found you best keep your peace, hold your patience, and stay grounded? Quiet time? Prayer? Family Bible studies? 

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