Tuesday, August 27, 2013

ABC's and 123's Semi-homeschooled

My title is semi-homeschooled because I feel like what I'm doing is so unorganized. I have explored several free homeschool curriculums and I don't know if it's my ADHD but it's been so hard for me to stick to one as well as know how to implement it. I liked few in particular but to execute it, has been a challenge. With the one school I was hoping the boys can go to wouldn't accept William into their 4 year old pre-k program because he turned 4 after their cut off date of Sept. 30th, I took it upon myself to try and learn all I can about homeschooling. I still have a lot to learn and am trying to pick the brains of some women I know who homeschool, but ultimately I need to do the work and I am the one teaching them. 

A few things that come to my mind for my criteria for the homeschool material we use is:

-- Christian based
-- age relevant (but also challenging) 
-- good for beginner teachers (moms) like me
-- free or low cost

We don't have a working printer, so I am trying my best when something needs to be printed to just make it myself. 

Pinterest has given me TONS of ideas. I don't have our schedule down and know that I need to balance play and learning. I find the best learning comes through play, which has been a HUGE challenge for me because sometimes I feel like I want to just be a drill sergeant and get things done,.... Honestly I need to work on that and chat with some moms on how not to feel or be that way. Maybe even more than talking to moms, I need to have a consult with God and ask him for a heart change.   

Here's the letters we've done so far since starting this week of formal school. 

Yesterday was the letter A. I also have a verse that goes with the letter and we'll make a Bible abc's wall somewhere in the house when we're done :) 

Today is the letter B. We sing it abc's at the beginning. Watch a YouTube video of the phonetics of the  letter, trace and upper case as well as lower case, and then do a craft. I know they won't be writing out letters by next week but letter recognition, how to properly write it, the sounds the letter makes, and how when put together they form words are all things I'm trying to incorporate. 

My personality wants to have the rest of our curriculum (whatever that is) laid out, but then I also am such a fly by the seat of my pants type of girl. I cherish this time with them and am so thankful I can stay home with them right now. I am learning so much about them everyday, and I continue to learn more about myself as well.

I pray I do right by my boys and that they know how proud of them I am and how much I love them and God loves them! It'll be interesting to see if we continue homeschooling next year for the boys. I know God will open or close doors but for now I am soaking this up and amazed by my sweet boys! 

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