Tuesday, January 21, 2014


I have been sleepless the past few nights. Part of this is due to the chronic (pelvic) burning pain, and the other part is a mind full of ideas/todos/and honestly the peace and quiet is nice(I don't have much down time). I have a couple active "to do" lists I write my thoughts out and cross off the accomplished tasks, but between moving, and seriously looking into homeschooling lately I've got a gazillion thoughts running through my head. I hopped on to blog and say when I get in these funks my mind easily slips away so quickly and gets caught up in the chaos and I forget to step back and see what Christ is doing & ask Him how can I help serve His kingdom.

So I came back here to center myself and declare, I'm not going to be stressed or sabatoge myself because I don't fully have myself or my thoughts together lately!!!!

I saw this on a social media site today and I just LOVE the later mentality! 

I also saw this browsing Pinterest tonight

It's so true too! All we really need is Jesus. The rest is just details. We have wants & feelings & plans, but none of those matter if God is not the center. 

So while I may want answers and while I may search the internet hoping to find something that will fill me or take this uneasiness from me, all I really need to do is turn to Jesus and bring my requests before him. Rest. Trust. And believe He will continue to come through. 

Lastly, as I'm about to go to sleep, I'm going to pray that HIS will be my will. That HIS vision by my vision. That HIS heart be my heart. That HIS grace be my grace. That HIS joy be my joy. That HIS voice be my voice. That HIS hands and feet be my hands and feet. And most importantly, that HIS love be my love. 

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