Sunday, June 1, 2014

Anger be gone, in Jesus' name

Proverbs 22:6* says, "Train up a child on the way he should go [and in keeping with his individual gift or bent] and when he is old he will not depart from it." 

Sometimes I am not proud to say that I raise my voice in anger when my kids,....wait a second, here we go, I'm off to excusing myself..... Forgive me for not finishing my thought and continuing tot type out that sentence, I will here in a moment, but I need to point of this heart issue I'm getting at and not just see that it happened but this anger has roots, DEEP roots, and it didn't develop over night nor will it go away that quickly either. 

Let's try this again. Sometimes I am not proud to say that I choose to raise my voice in anger when I interpret a situation I'm in to be frustrating, over burdening, annoying, or "the last straw".

I wouldn't teach my kids to think this way, so it is no way for me to be living if I want to set a Godly example. You see, when we raise our voices we are causing our children to hurt, fear or maybe even opening a door of the child stuffing bitterness. The kids also learn mommy will eventually snap if we keep pressing her in such a way that wears her out. 

There are so many characteristics I'd love to possess and it seems like I am in an ever swirling tornado working on at least one or two heart issues myself. Haha! Sometimes I look up answers for how to discipline or teach my children what the Bible says about their misbehavior, when often times I need to look at my behavior first!! 

Just how God may be upset or saddened or disappointed in the sin, he unconditionally loves the sinner. Such is the way I desire to be everyday. To wake up and pray that my boys will see me as someone they can turn to to trust, lean on, and come to, even when they are feeling angry or hurt. Even more than me, I desire to point them to God because He is MUCH more wise than I, and His Spirit is one I know can be their guide for the rest of their lives, and comfort them like no other. So while I am here on earth, I love being there to physically hold them or touch them and show them God's love, but ultimately I want them to know and feel their Heavenly Father's voice and touch just as, if not more so than if it were me in the room with them. 

How do you relate or talk or work through your anger? How do you teach & impress upon your children's heart the topic and choices about anger? I'd love to hear from you! 

This is an ever continuing lesson for me right now and I will be posting again soon with more perspectives and ideas about anger. 

*Amplified version

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